Stop using Spreadsheets to manage your Business Compliances Like GST, TDS etc.

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Early Stage to Funded Start-ups use MagikFin

Save Time

120 unproductive hours saved by businesses every year using MagikFin

Save Money

75% of Compliance cost is saved

Increase Productivity

65% increase in productivity out of  the wasted hours.


Compliance Reminders

Advance alerts that are sent for all compliances applicable to your business.

One click status update

You can update compliance status for each compliance over reminder emails itself.

Smart Repository

Manage all your compliance documents in the smartest way possible, and download all with one click.

Compliance Score

Build CIBIL like score for your business that reflects its credibility to Banks and other institutions

Team access

You can add other members like Consultants, accountants etc. to update compliances and documents.

Multiple Business access

Owners and consulatants can add multiple Companies they are managing from one login

From a Freelancer to a Funded Start-ups, MagikFin automates Compliance Management for all types of businesses

MagikFin has helped us close our investment round in Four weeks as all of our compliances and documents are saved in one place so we need not to spend time on the same. Also, our investors are much satisfied now as they can also view the entire status of our compliances on MagikFin and do not need to ask us every month for the status of it. Moreover every member on the platform is getting reminder for each Compliances applicable, which keeps the entire system transparent.

Vikas D Nahar

Founder, Happilo

Not being a CA ourselves, it has been difficult for us to take care of all the compliance. However, upon installation of your product and partnership with MagikFin, we have been getting regular updates and reminders, in turn saving significant interest and penalties. Overall, it's a must product for startups and has a positive impact on budgeting and compliances.

Apoorva Mishra

Founder and CEO at Dusminute

Mangaging Business Compliances like GST, TDS has never been easier.


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